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As a global city with over 4,000+ design projects under the spotlight of our visitors each year, we’ve made it to quite possibly the most unique and vibrant hub for global innovation and design of all time. With some 40 design projects per week currently under construction around the world, we’re happy to share that as we approach next month’s design week, we’ll be taking your place through our collection of 30+ unique project ideas from across the globe. We look forward to sharing these design works together with you on this special occasion.

In addition to this, the annual Design Week is also another chance to celebrate the international impact of creative industries and how they develop in specific cities, their influence and effects on society and culture, and how they contribute towards the growth of innovative businesses and communities globally. Whether we talk about fashion, luxury brands, architecture or art, we hope you’ll join us to find inspiration from the best from everywhere!

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The first session is dedicated to the role of Designers in New York City and will feature our team behind one of our early projects. It features a new interpretation of the iconic Times Square fountain for the Waterfront Development Project in Brooklyn which will transform an abandoned space into an immersive performance space for live entertainment. Our artists have been selected as part of the “The Artist In Residence” initiative, one of many funded opportunities for creatives to work alongside professional designers who will help them find their voice as well as tell their story, showcase their designs, and inspire others.

The second session is dedicated to London’s cultural heritage; featuring a reimagination of the Tate Modern gallery – The White Tiger – which will serve as a destination for people and culture for generations to come. Located on the site where the Black Lives Matter protests took place last summer, the historic building has undergone extensive renovations and will now become an open exhibition centre and a place for future events. The temporary museum opens to tourists in July 2021, but only for three weeks before closing once again due to COVID-19 restrictions. At its original location, it was designed for George Whiteside (1862-1947) himself, author of the novel called Song of Solomon, and is considered a true representation of how white British life had changed over the years.

The third session is dedicated to Shanghai and will highlight the legacy of the Cultural Heritage Conservation Foundation, established in 2009 and based in China. This group seeks to conserve some 60 million objects that are either historical or culturally significant in urban Shanghai. Based on suggestions from local residents and stakeholders, the foundation provides free access to those items to any interested museums in the country for research and education, preservation, and curation. Visit us at www.cecf.gov.cn/

The fourth session is dedicated to Beirut in Lebanon, a global cultural hub, whose capital is home to world-famous artists, art institutions, as well as numerous private companies that create and sell high quality home goods throughout Lebanon. Beirut is known for its rich history and art scene, making it one of the top 10 destinations in the world to travel to. As the world economy slowly begins to recover, Beirut is eager to engage with its citizens through programs like Culture Connections; a series of activities that support local artists, musicians and performers while providing free resources and connections for young talents and aspiring artists. For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/Beirut/culture

The fifth session is dedicated to Mumbai and will focus on the South Asian nation’s burgeoning fashion industry, highlighting the remarkable cultural diversity within the country and bringing the latest trends in couture, clothing and lifestyle to the streets of Mumbai where we see fast growing demand for stylish products in line with modern trends. To learn more about designing in India, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzHJhKbGwI4

Lastly, the sixth session is dedicated to the Maldives with Dubai and the UAE as host cities this year for the World Cup 2020. With an ever-growing population, infrastructure, and dynamic business landscape, there are many potential opportunities to connect with the real people and places of the region and bring the magic we enjoy on the island to an unprecedented scale. From food and tourism to architecture and cultural heritage, the upcoming festival season, including our inaugural show “Konkaniyaa Nala”, looks set to amplify the power of our shared experiences, from the sea, to the beach, to the palm trees and waterfalls.

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Join us for the 7th edition of Design Week BTS!

We hope attendees find something familiar to them. Maybe it is the vibe of old times or the beautiful scenery, it could be anything they like. Come along and witness a truly unique experience that might just make everything better for everyone involved. Don’t miss out!

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