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The most interesting relationship among us is with our neighbors. They are the people who surround us and love us like family, and we love them as well. And they have a tendency to be so nice and helpful to people who are close to us. It’s great to know that it is an effort that makes their lives better. So why aren’t you doing it for your neighbor? Not only because it makes good financial sense but also a lot of the other things that matter. No one likes being isolated, nor is anyone willing to sacrifice his or her social life for you as long as the reciprocation is mutual. You want to make someone’s day as easy as possible; you need to be the kindest person that can do so. When we see people we love around us who don’t treat us like ourselves, whether that is from their friends, family or colleagues, it can feel like we’re abandoning our own. That isolation takes our ability to empathize away and makes us less effective in our interactions and relationships. Our neighbors, on the other hand, make our neighborhood, and the world, a pleasant place. We should enjoy those neighbors, share their company when we can, tell them how we feel their lives are improving, and let them know that we love them.

There’s something else that comes with having some people that come, love you. Someone you don’t particularly like or agree with is going to go through something with you that could hurt them. Whether it is bullying, harassment, or just the mere fact that you’ve made eye contact with them. But if you do nothing about it it’s not going to be an issue for everyone involved. Why would I give up my best friend for another guy? In addition, what would happen if strangers showed up at home, did an awful job of finding out what their neighbor was about, and acted like they were interested in hearing any stories to keep track of their life? Your neighbor will definitely think bad of you in return, and the way you react to people will only worsen if you have this sort of situation in your past. If you are able to put yourself first in these situations and find ways to respond to people by letting them get over their misgivings first, you’ll have an easier time adjusting to people’s behavior, and you’ll likely enjoy the more positive interaction that comes with it. People generally like to talk to each other and make new friends, and you can’t control the actions of others unless you really want to. However, your neighbor has been the same person since college and is always willing to help you out when you need help. He’s there for you until the end of time, no matter what is happening in your life. This is a very important part of building strong bonds. Most of all, they are a wonderful example to be sure to hang out with. You wouldn’t want your neighbors to stop making fun of you, or telling embarrassing stories about you. Having them around is worth it, though, and you’ll always have someone who will take great care of you. Don’t forget, you may even find yourself feeling happier with them than anyone else in your friend’s group!

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So with all of this said, the best neighbor is the one who’s always thinking about how best you can treat others and make their day a little bit easier. There’s always going to be stuff that gets done from both sides that will improve your neighbor’s life overall. Helping your neighbor does more than that, though. Being there for him or she shows that you care and genuinely enjoy getting along with them. As long as they are happy with what you do and their needs are being met, then that should be enough for you to stay home and spend time together, right? Well, maybe not. Sometimes we all do what we can to be there for our neighbors, but sometimes that isn’t enough. For example, taking the kids to school at the same time they are at nursery/primary comes with a little bit of responsibility. You are responsible for ensuring that your children are all right before even leaving the house. You should also make sure to look after them and help them cope with their teachers. Even if it is simply keeping them entertained and sheltered. At least this is the case with some teachers when they have kids. When you spend your own money taking your child to pre-school or school, it might seem like you want to help your neighbor, but you aren’t. You’re trying to make it as easy as possible for them. That’s fine, but it’s not realistic that they will be able to deal with it without some assistance either. These kinds of scenarios will show that your neighbor is not your friend, that he doesn’t treat you and your children as you should, and that you need to spend more time with them. On the other side, you should be looking forward to seeing them again, helping plan out their days, and giving your neighbors extra time. The main reason why this type is more difficult for me to accept is that once my neighbor is gone I can’t get back to sleep until I get back to bed. Unless we have done a “live video chat session,” then I’m still not ready to wake up next to him. Just like you are, too. That said, I am hopeful that we will see each other in heaven sometime soon.

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