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“Do you want me to do business with your customer, or would you like to have a conversation about what you prefer?” This is the question that I heard my colleague in marketing ask me when we were preparing for our first conference together as part of BDC. We were expecting a huge number of people, but only a few people showed up — which surprised us. It turned out they weren’t just interested in who did the talking, but where and why they wanted what they had requested. So instead of focusing on finding clients, we focused on understanding how consumers want it done and how we could deliver their expectations. We got a lot of inspiration from one famous American sports team (the Detroit Red Wings) that has grown into becoming an international brand. The same success story that took them over the years until now will be used to show you how this business should work in future years with consumer-centric principles. This is going to help you build better campaigns using data and analytics.

Building Your Brand

What type of message are you going to sell? Where is your audience? What channel should you use? There are so many options available, but before choosing one, you need to focus on figuring out what your target audience wants and how it can expect your product or service to be delivered. You might already know your customers, but sometimes knowing what makes someone take action may not be enough. For example, if you’re taking care of baby products in Mexico, buying directly is not the perfect solution because there’re so many differences between countries. Also, you don’t have to worry about how your price is really justified because you get the best prices for quality goods that others cannot offer. But most importantly your branding strategy will differ between the US, China, UK, and Mexican markets. If you still choose to go down this route, make sure you choose wisely to ensure you’re reaching the right place. Remember to look at your market, its demographics, and its potential for growth. Now don’t forget about getting feedback from your target audience. When building a product or service, make sure it’s not too small because that will slow down the momentum that you need to keep moving forward. Also, keep in mind your competitors. Be active in researching how people in your industry do things and making improvements where you can. Don’t stick to your style and feel and let others follow your lead. Just remember to push boundaries and keep learning from each other.

Finding Potential Clients

When you find your ideal client, remember that you have to understand the person, what he or she likes, how much a particular item can cost, who they like and what motivates them. Once you know who you want to work with and your company culture, then start looking into the services and products available. You can also reach out to different agencies to find the best services that suit your needs. These will be the ones that fit your needs. Also, look for ways to improve the experience. Maybe we can create more convenient forms and online surveys to avoid the queues. Make your brand even better. Build a community around the brand. Look for companies with similar concepts and stay connected to their communities with newsletters. Create new social media accounts to reach a bigger crowd. And lastly, always meet people face to face. Ask questions and follow up regularly to see what else they think about your concept. They will tell you about any concerns they have before they decide to buy. Finally, never leave anybody behind. Let’s do everything we can to deliver our promises to our clients and see the results in the long run.

A Customer Experience Strategy

Remember to provide value. Each of these companies wants to hire and reward top talent. Make sure that you find someone who you trust and can deliver. Take time to understand who they are, and the values that drive their decisions, and try to put yourself in their shoes. Then you can come up with strategies to engage with the brand and its mission. Tell stories about themselves and how their lives have changed after working with your company. Showcase what you bring to the table and give back to your employees. Always strive to create genuine relationships with your staff. In addition, ensure to talk about your achievements and show how committed you are to achieving your goals. This approach should inspire and motivate everyone. Have fun and don’t beat yourself up for being afraid.

Once you have a clear vision in your head, then sit down and figure out exactly how to achieve it. Do research on your competition to understand their key points of difference and be able to find some great solutions for them. Talk to them and show them a bit about yours. Use all your resources to attract and retain the right kind and good people. Think of ways for them to increase the amount of loyalty and brand love. That way, you’ll be able to build a loyal following that will serve as early revenue sources and create an advantage over your rivals, especially during hard times. Never underestimate the importance of communication and understanding your customer. Show them respect in every aspect, but always treat them as a valued part of your team. Asking them for advice and suggestions is an important part of your brand. Being authentic and honest is what sets your company apart. It’s true to say that doing right by your customer doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve made them happy. However, the time it takes you to make them feel happy is worth it, so don’t hesitate. Lastly, don’t forget to recognize other professionals with similar skills and knowledge. Keep an eye out for people to help each other out and share their experiences. It’s true: networking is the lifeblood of success.

Your Marketing Mix

Your goal is to create something unique to draw attention. Think of ideas that might be relevant to your market and target the right audiences. Are you pitching to young millennials? Or maybe you’re selling to women? You can always change and adapt to new strategies. No matter what you do, don’t forget to remain relevant. Relevance of content matters when it comes to sales, so stay ahead of the curve and deliver high-quality content that will impress your prospects. At the end of the day, it’s not just about what you want to sell; you need to think of the whole experience to keep your brand visible and presentable and to help your clients keep getting connected to your brand. All of these will not only depend on your specific business, but also on the needs of your target market.

You need to learn more about your audience. Focus on who is likely to be engaged or excited about your idea with certain products. Identify the characteristics of those who are curious or eager to discover more. From here you will be able to define their behavioral elements and create the right message that will encourage them to act based on your guidelines. With technology advancing very quickly nowadays you can learn about your customer, their preferences, and tastes over the internet using tools and apps like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc. By doing this you become aware of their behaviors and give a better strategy to respond to them. A great way to analyze and learn more about your current position is through interviews. Ask questions, watch their behavior and observe their reactions to a particular topic. Analyze the answers and outline your key questions to cover the whole spectrum and ensure you are keeping your prospect informed and educated. Consider what other brands have worked and how well they used social media to promote their companies, products, and services. Find out what strategies they applied and how they succeeded. Follow up with their lessons learned and apply them to your own operations. Not only will this open doors to opportunities but also to partnerships and collaboration. It helps you not only build awareness about your brand but also gain insight into it if possible. Especially if you have a few teams that operate independently and need to coordinate and collaborate. Therefore, having such an independent operation shouldn’t be an issue and will help you grow.


In conclusion, you always want to be proactive and have a sense of urgency. Try to stay flexible, develop new approaches, and keep refining old ones. This is the process of constantly reinventing your core activities using the latest technologies and tools. Since nowadays there are tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, so it’s no wonder you have been overwhelmed with possibilities. Creating cool, creative designs is easy as well.

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