How to protect Wild Animals Life?

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A few years back my family and I went to visit a place we weren’t too much familiar with, so we decided to go there for a holiday. We took a private bus that would take us to the nearest town, but it was not far from our home, so we used some public transportation, which was very convenient. The first day was nice. There were people of every age living on the streets and buildings. It seemed like they got tired of their boring life. Some had gone to work. We were also welcomed. One man told us about his job as a fireman and he told us about how he liked this job because it gave him the chance to do what he loves most. Another man told us about his time as a police officer and his love of watching police officers. Our teacher talked about his profession, but we were the only ones who didn’t know much about it. We had to talk about life and our experiences during the vacation. My mother asked me if everything went well, and she was quite surprised when I answered yes. Then she asked me about her husband and she told me that her husband used to be working with elephants, so she thought it would be appropriate to see them one day. That evening my father told me about their history. He told us about their presence in Africa. But he thought it would be a good idea not to see them while being there. So one afternoon we took a tram. And after we arrived at the place where all of them lived, we were really impressed by the way the place looked. It seemed to be quite beautiful. When we walked around it, my dad and I saw different elephants, giraffes, lions, and tusks. However, the elephant in front of our house also had a cute little trunk. In their midst, there still lived two kids, one boy, and another girl. This little kid was telling me about how happy they are and how happy they are getting up close and personal with me. Their parents were not visible, but the adults were around. They wanted to meet them, but I don’t think anybody could get close enough to them. The children kept reminding me of how close they were and how happy I was to have such little friends. After three days, we were even more amazed when we could see the elephants near the edge of the city. People of every nationality appeared there. People dressed up as penguins and ducks, or just went to look at the animals on their balconies. And if the elephants looked weird the other elephants were quite friendly towards all of them. So I started thinking about something else that might happen and about the same girl again. She could tell me something about elephants and she could explain why there is a difference between them and other animals. So we discussed that she would help me understand the differences and then maybe I would be able to protect them. So we decided to go to a zoo. But before going there we needed to check out what kind of animals they have there. First, I wanted to see the lion. They have tigers. They have lions, leopards, hyenas, and cheetahs. Now I see these types as big cats, which are not the strongest animals. And they have four types of monkeys. These monkey types seem like they are pretty small and do not resemble any real animal. But we looked at those monkeys, and they were bigger than that one. And the one thing I noticed in each of their bodies was how strong they were and that I thought they must be extremely strong because they are not looking weak. Though there were no problems in seeing the lion, monkey, and cheetah we also wanted to see the penguins. I was so excited that they were not looking like penguins. These penguins were cute and wanted to play with them, but they were a bit weak. They seemed a bit strange. Penguins were always there in the summer and they were seen everywhere. We were sad about this. During the day, there were lots of tourists and then at night there were many penguins roaming around without any problems. It seemed to be really nice. We spent the whole day and night there enjoying our stay at the zoos and making friends for a week. As soon as the next day came, the last day of our trip, I came home. The sky was clear outside. The stars sparkled. Even though there was nowhere to escape from I was smiling when I saw my mother waiting for me. With our dinner ready, I just had to grab my bag and go. By the time my mother and I were at the table, there was already a big crowd there. We hugged and kissed and I was amazed at how beautiful the place was and how lovely the food was. After this wonderful meal, I felt really bad. We did not want to show the whole world, so we were very quiet. We just had a quiet dinner. When we were walking back to the bus, we had a funny feeling. There was a dog there running around and chasing after it. On the street, my mother and I were passing people who were taking photographs of themselves with their dogs. All the children were laughing uncontrollably and shouting and crying. It was hard to believe that they were humans at such a young age. We wanted to help them protect wild animals, but we were not sure what we should be doing. Maybe we should feed them, take care of them, or something like that. Everything changed when I heard about people taking pictures and videos about how they were protecting wild creatures and how they should take care of them. When we had our lunch break, I found myself in a really low mood and all I wanted to do all the time was to run to my room where the baby and the older elephant were hiding. There were lots of people walking behind us and we were really scared. But it was difficult not to watch the elephants and hear all the commotion. I thought it would be better to go back to the street so my mother and I could help the people. Then we saw the elephant in front of us. It had been there for quite a while but now it was trying to hide under a tree. It was very uncomfortable and it knew exactly what we were doing. Suddenly it was a whole bunch of people standing there looking at us and the little creature was really frightened and knew we knew it was going to try to get away from such people, so my mother and I took its tail and kept it. That little elephant wasn’t going to fly, but it got there. We told my mother to turn back and went with the others, but the elephant caught up with the people and I ran to the street. I saw all these girls and asked them to keep the elephant, but they refused. Instead, the person holding the elephant said that the elephant did not need anything anymore and that I was just there so they could see what kind of animal it could be. That little elephant became scared and started running around. The girls tried to help it. At last, they were all chasing after its tail thinking of escaping. But eventually, this little elephant found out a lot of people were going to kill him. Once on the streets, we met a guy and we were talking about the elephant because the elephant had become dangerous. He told us that the elephant was being treated all over the country and that it had to be separated so this little elephant could come out of the forest to live in the human-free area. I went to see the elephant. If you look at its face you can see that it is in pain. Its eyes are closed in front of its forehead. He told me that the elephant could not getaway. But it felt like it could be taken out of the city and all alone. I thought it wouldn’t be good to leave it there and the elephants were happy here, especially since they had nothing to do here. I called the number we provided and asked if it is somewhere safe to take the elephant. It was not very long and I got to see this poor little elephant running around. I asked the owner of the Elephant Park (we used to call it “the elephant park”) to put him in a cage and make him happy. Then the keeper of the elephant park told me that there was a great danger in the elephant park and that I should take care of this little elephant and follow the rules he would behave. We took our camera and started recording the elephant’s behavior and then we put the little elephant in the cage. While the rest of the elephants were busy playing, I started calling the authorities and asking for the elephant to be returned. Then I watched what happens and in the meantime, I found out that animals were being killed. Lots of people were walking past and people were shooting at the elephants. Soon, he was running through the forest to the safety of the city. This elephant was such a tiny little creature and it wasn’t that easy to take care of it. There were lots of people who thought this elephant was the biggest of the bunch of elephants and it would cost us a huge amount of money. One person even left a note saying that the elephant shouldn’t be put back in the city until it died. However, the elephant did not die and instead stayed in the field. There are thousands all over the cities in Kenya and Rwanda who have lost their lives to poaching because they live near big rivers, lakes, and mountains. There are hundreds and thousands of elephants that have disappeared each year with a lot of people dying. Every single second a person has to stand guard on a mountain looking for elephants and killing them whenever they see an elephant, and every minute a young elephant dies in the hands of people hunting elephants and bringing them back home. For these reasons, I believe we should protect them and raise awareness about them. Even

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