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A first-time visitor or a student of art, an artist of the future or, just a fan of science, take a glimpse at one of these works in front of you. And it is breathtakingly beautiful; and with all that I’m about to tell you. Today we are going to visit some museums in United Arab Emirates so let’s go! Let me start with this incredible work by Abu Dhabi’s renowned artist Sheikh Almutawakel. It should be seen as a piece of history, not only because of its historic significance but also for the quality and craftsmanship as well. Sheikh Almutawakel was born in 1960 on 27 December 1969 in Bahrain during the period of civil war. He immigrated to UAE following the oil crisis in 1973, where he studied and became part of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (RFA) before becoming the first director of Parchman Gallery. Soon after his graduation Sheikh Almutawakel started working with various galleries in various countries around the world. Most notably taking over the Fondation de la Ville de Champs Elysee in Paris from 1976 until 1984. After four years as a full time employee at RFA, Sheikh Almutawakel left Paris and moved back to Dubai in 1987. Before leaving France he launched his own gallery “Al Mutawakel Art and Design” in 1991. This year Sheikh Almutawakel completed his master’s degree in Painting from Jadoty University and returned home. With his new position as Head of Creative Projects at HODA Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Almutawakel decided to focus his attention on developing his unique artistic vision called Museum of the Future. So here you can see him in action; watch this brilliant video below of what he created.

The museum opened in 2012 on 1 July and has been showing artists since 2013. The building itself is a replica of the Eiffel tower, which symbolizes infinity and light. One can observe the exterior space which also contains the largest auditorium in any structure currently available. That makes it larger than most opera houses in the world by three times. The location itself provides great views over Dubai and other areas of the city. There are five different galleries in the museum which include Diora, Van Gogh, Lumière Blancaise a few others. These galleries feature many different paintings by European and African artists.

On the second floor there is a hall that houses the main artist studio as well. Here can be found more photographs and examples of several artist’s work. Over the last 5 years Sheikh Almutawakel has managed to show over 200 artists as part of his exhibition that includes names such as Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst and Damien Hirst. All paintings are done in high definition, they are digital ready. You can now see them all in their original form in the Hall of Works but still digitally preserved in the same high quality.

It is important to know Sheikh Almutawakel’s process behind creating each painting, so watch this video and try to guess it. As soon as you finish watching his videos you will understand very well how he did it and why it was done so well. In this video he speaks about how much effort goes into every picture. From looking for inspiration and then selecting the subject and direction to create something so amazing. Watch every artist’s journey and you will want to do something similar. Well, that’s exactly what I came here today to tell you about. Come follow along and see all the amazing works by Sheikh Almutawakel. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn more about your favorite artists.

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