The Benifits of Trees

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I was walking down the path on Easter morning, carrying my groceries but stopped to listen to a rustling from behind. Then I turned around and there it was, standing in front of me, looking up at me. It had no eyes but its beautiful nose.

I thought about what it must have been like to be so young, maybe not so good with words. But I could never forget how it felt when you stood next to something just perfect, it would take your breath away. As I got closer I noticed that this tree wasn’t as big as some others, they were a little elder and worn looking and I wasn’t exactly sure why a taller tree didn’t have so much foliage and roots. This one was just like a small child waiting for someone to play with or give a hug from their parents, which was all right… but then I saw the flowers, the lovely red rose sausages and lilies in the top branches and flowers all over the bark, maybe they are a sign of hope for spring which usually coincides with other beautiful things like birds flying overhead and animals being seen. If we ever get into any trouble, I think these flowers will calm us and send us a message that is a positive one. We are only a few feet from an ancient hillside with breathtaking views of the ocean, fields of pine trees, and the sea, although unfortunately not this particular tree, which has fallen in years and is now dormant and not working anymore.

I had no interest in anything else at this time but my thoughts were drawn to the very last flower. “That flower… that flower is like a song on a record player,” said Michael Jackson. He had a great talent for putting people together even if that person was a stranger, he could make people laugh and cry no matter what. This same talent makes him his best friend and his wife. They would always go back to watch movies together and eat delicious sushi and they loved spending time by the water because they had such fond memories of being by the beach. When they went out, the sky was clear, the rain was gentle and even in the middle of summer, the breeze felt nice on their bodies as soon as they moved out of the house. Michael loved going outside for a day or two and even though he had no friends, he still had people in his life, he had them all in front of him and he got all three of them together from his mother who happened to be a concert promoter and her new boyfriend Robert Frippo.

It was love at first sight for both of them, Michael liked to tell people that the first time she saw Michael she fell in love with him instantly. That was true, they got married at the age of 16, but she was already pregnant and that made it a lot easier for them to fall in love again. By the early 1990s, Michael and Robert worked together as music managers while living on different sides of the world. After they died Michael and Robert were both buried beside each other in the cemetery in their hometown. There were many people from the past times who visited the cemetery and listened to Michael’s songs especially during Christmas time which was a special event for Michael because it was his brother Robert’s birthday and he loved singing “Happy Birthday Little Baby Jesus”. The graveyard in New York City is full of lots of tombstones and there was one by Michael Jackson, the picture is that of him when he is younger and he looks quite happy as can be. In the end, there is also one picture of me at the time it was Michael he died just before the 25th year of his death. It is my picture where I am sitting holding his hand as his head is falling out of mine, because I can feel the sadness that I feel towards losing the wonderful man whom I loved when I barely had any time to even know him.

I don’t know when I saw Michael while he still was alive or when I saw him after his passing. I saw a couple of pictures before his passing and only one picture before his death. Both pictures show Michael at a very young age but they have very different lighting effects. At the age of 12 or 13, I can see myself in the second picture at least, I didn’t notice how old I was until I looked at the picture. The picture isn’t Michael, but of me at the time when I was struggling, but not wanting to admit it when my body was breaking down, but telling me to put up with that for a little bit longer. It hurt inside of me but that’s life, it is how I learn to cope and accept it and grow through the pain. It’s how I keep it together. Even if these feelings aren’t real, they are still real and we need to deal with them when they happen. Sometimes they do hurt but sometimes it helps the body heal and it helps the mind. As for me, I was lucky to have a loving family who cared about me. So as long as I am happy I have everything to keep my soul of me intact, which is why there is nothing wrong with crying a little bit.

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